It is fast, messy and loud out there, but when it comes to meaningful understanding that lasts beyond a day or assessing how future developments impact our ways of working and doing business, it gets quiet. We believe in less talking, sharing and posting, but more in taking a step back, in-depth thinking and self-reflection.

We feel that there is a market for a serious and focused Thought Leadership Magazine as BRANDED.

We are an eclectic group of people based in Frankfurt and Tokyo, through our daytime jobs as strategist, management consultants, strategic planners, creative directors and social scientists we receive daily impulses about digital transformation, the future of work, co-creation and leadership, new approaches to brand communications and customer experiences – and all that on a global scale.

Next to understanding these exciting developments that will inform tomorrow’s strategy, we also relentlessly pursue our vision of helping to shape these developments in ways that are beneficial to society. We are strong believers in the power of creative destruction and progress. In this spirit we edit BRANDED as well as our services beyond.